Ashes Series: I've never played Ashes with such a bad plan: General

Stuart Broad: Broad standing in front of a unique achievement in the Ashes series. He is set to play his 150th Test for England.

Ashes Series: I've never played Ashes with such a bad plan: General

Brisbane: The Ashes series kicks off wednesday. The first test is in Brisbane. The first team of the first round was announced on Sunday by Pat Cummins Australia. On the same day, British star and cricket veteran Stuart Broad detonated a bomb. He said he never made ashes with such a bad plan. Broad says the same about the competition in Australia. Australia's new Managing Director Pat Cummins spoke to him at the Team Hotel. The situation is similar to the Aji camp. But why? The reason for the loose situation, accoring to the English Pacer. with the rain. “It’s no exaggeration to say that I didn’t face Ash who wasn’t game ready after returning to the field with a hamstring injury,” said Broad. I have never. "


England play their last home game against India in the first week of September. Australia, meanwhile, tested their last home game against India in January. According to these statistics, the situation is very difficult. Broad also said, “I met Pat Cummins in the elevator hotel. He said he hadn't been up every day for the past 10 months. Long term. So we don't prepare the body. Five days together in Ashes, like we couldn't give a good present. There are many mistakes that the cricketer can make. I am a bowler. Even after playing four times with a single ball, there was a chance to come back. Because I would have a bullet in my hand. But his inning ended with hitting errors. "


Broad stands in front of the special achievement of the Ashes series. He is set to make his 150th appearance for England. England don't usually play Broad and Anderson together. Two adults play in rotation. Hopefully he gets a chance to play in his first two tests. "He was happy to have tried 150 for the England team," he said. Something to be proud of. After the injury he is now in good health. But I don't know how the experience will go. This is because the choice of the team is not in the hands of the cricketer. "

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