Women's United Cup: This player became the team's savior, saving shame with a hundred-year defeat

Recently she has also shown her ability to play in the National Women's Cricket Championships, setting the record for most goals scored in a tournament.

Women's United Cup: This player became the team's savior, saving shame with a hundred-year defeat

The Senior Women Challengers Trophy is currently underway in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Today is the second day of competition. Today the India-D team, claimed by Puja Bastrakar, will meet India-B. The India-D team beat for the first time, and Sabaheneni Meghna opened the scoring with a good time. Magna has scored 100 goals in this tournament. Megna, who landed in the opening, played against the team through tough times and worked well on scores, defending one end. Meghna pitched 102 innings for this game, leaving the team hoping for good scores.

Meghna started the tournament with wicket keeper Indrani Roy. But soon Indrani leaves. He was sent off by Sarla Devi on the third ball of the second. At the fifth ball at the same time, G. Divya also returned to the pavilion. Seeing the way Amanjot Kaur started, he thought he would support Meghna, but returned to the lodge after scoring four points. Meghna Singh tells him about the existence of the pavilion.


Ayushi Soni Support

The team scored three wickets for 26 points, where Meghna needed support from the other end. She's with Ayushi Soni. These two hitters have formed a century-old collaboration for the group. Both added 108 points in their fourth wicket. However, Ayushi did not complete her semester. Harleen Deol killed him after scoring 48 points. He encountered 75 bullets. This time, however, Meghna continued the innings smoothly. It was completed in six months. After Ayushi left, he also completed his hundredth birthday. But after the century it came early. Magna came off the third ball for over 36 years. Yes. Trisha finishes the round. He scored 102 runs in 86 innings using four 13 balls and two six balls. This time his resistance is 118.60. 

The impact of the Magnas goes away

He assigned the squad to score after Meghnas left. The team couldn't score at the rate they were rebuilding and continued to lose wickets. NS. Pratyusha was sent off with 192 points and Pooja 194 points. Kirti K. James also returned to the pavilion with a total score of 196. Pratyusha scored 20 goals and Pooja scored 4 goals. Kirti didn't open an account. The entire team scored 230 points at 48.5 above par.

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