Tata commercial vehicles will be expensive, prices will rise from January

Tata Motors said Monday it will raise the prices of their commercial vehicles from January 1st. The company said it had decided to raise prices by about 2.5 per cent due to rising commodity and commodity prices.

Tata commercial vehicles will be expensive, prices will rise from January

Tata Motors' price hike: Automaker Tata Motors announced Monday that it will increase prices for commercial vehicles from January 1. Cost of materials and raw materials. The price increase will affect all sections of medium and heavy vehicles (M & HCV), medium and light vehicles (I & LCV), light vehicles (SCV) and buses.


Tata Motors said in a statement that the price increase will depend on the individual model and the variety of the vehicle. The company said in its filing that it saw rising prices for commercial vehicles, driven by rising prices for steel, aluminum and other precious metals, as well as higher prices for other raw materials. . 

Why did the company publish it?

Tata Motors said the company is a key driver of rising manufacturing costs on several levels. As the cost of all inputs skyrocketed, he said, it was necessary to provide some of the rest through small price increases.

Earlier, automaker Maruti Suzuki India, luxury car makers Mercedes-Benz and Audi had announced price increases for the coming months. He explains that this is due to understanding labor costs and costs. In addition, automakers Honda and Renault are also considering price increases from January next year to reduce the effect.


Honda and Renault have also increased their prices

A spokesperson for Honda Automobile said the increase in raw materials had a major impact on entry prices. He said he still sees how far they can stop this. Companies that are making names like City and Amaze last hiked car prices in August of this year.

At the same time, Renault said it still plans to expand the range of vehicles from January. The French company sells models such as Kwid, Triber and Kiger in the Indian market.

The companies have decided to raise prices given the significant increase in raw materials over the past year, such as steel, aluminum, copper, plastics and precious metals.

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