Pensioners Life Certificate: Even if the government expires, Pensioners can submit Life Certificate, Anyway!

Pensioners Life Certificate: Every year pensioners are required to submit their life certificate to the pension grant agencies. That they are still alive

Pensioners Life Certificate: Even if the government expires,  Pensioners can submit Life Certificate,  Anyway!

Pensioners Life Certificate: Every year pensioners are required to submit their life certificate to the pension grant agencies. A life certificate or life certificate must be submitted to pension disbursing authorities such as banks and post offices as proof that they are still alive. This year's pensioners must submit their standard of living by November 30 if they are required to provide this certificate in order to receive a monthly pension. Now expired. However, there will be time to submit the certificate. Elderly people can also submit Life Certificates in the formats prescribed by the Central Government. It has become very difficult for the elderly to go to the offices and prepare and submit the life certificate. Certificate can be submitted after the deadline for submission.

But there are some things to note. This means that once a pension certificate is submitted, it is valid for up to a year. Previously you submitted on any date in any month .. Now again the same month, this date will expire. After November 30, there will be no problem. Prior to this you need to make sure that you have submitted any Life Certificate of Life Standards in which month and on what date. You will continue to receive your pension until that month, that date. You will not be entitled to a pension unless one year has elapsed since you submitted the previous certificate.

Pensioners receiving pension under EPS95 can submit Life Certificate at any time. Valid from the date you submit to year. However, in December 2019, the EPFO ​​made changes to the rules governing the submission of life certificates by pensioners.


According to the EPF rules, if the EPS pensioners had submitted the Life Certificate on December 15, 2020 last year, they would have to submit it again by December 15, 2021. Failure to do so will result in termination of pension.

Register on Jeevan Praman Portal.

The pensioner must have a valid Aadhaar number. The pensioner who wants to create an online certificate must have a working mobile number. First of all the pensioner has to register in the Government Life Standards Portal.

Submit your life certificate online

The pensioner must first download the Jeevan Praman software application from the official website.

Then the pensioner has to enter his Aadhaar number, bank account number, name, mobile number, Pension Payment Order (PPO) and other complete details.

Click on the Send OTP option. OTP comes to the registered mobile number. Once the OTP is received, the number must be copied and entered. Then the standard ID is generated.

If you have already created a standard ID you can log in directly to the app instead of following the steps above. All you have to do is confirm the OTP once.

After logging in, click on the 'Generate Jeevan Pramaan' option and enter your Aadhaar and mobile numbers.

Now you need to click on the Generate OTP option and register it.

PPO number, name, name of the agency distributing the pension should be entered. Using Aadhaar data, the pensioner must self-certify by fingerprint, Irish scan.


Jeevan Praman Print Copy will appear on your mobile screen after completion of verification. You can download its digital print. After the copy of the life certificate appears, a confirmation message will be sent to the registered mobile number. After all, it is as if the life certificate has been successfully generated and submitted. Through these procedures pensioners can submit a Certificate of Life Certificate online.

The certificate can also be submitted through the bank.

The Life Certificate can also be submitted offline. You can also go to the bank where you get the pension and submit the Life Certificate by filling in the form related to the Life Certificate. Xerox copy of Aadhaar card and PAN card are required. Doing so will also complete the task of submitting the certificate.

With the help of Door Safety Banking.

Life Certificate can be submitted with the help of Door Safety Banking. This door safety facility is available in government banks including SBI and PNB. This can also be done through the Door Safety Banking mobile app. It can also be submitted through the website If you have any queries regarding this you can also call the customer care toll free number 18001213721 or 18001037188.

Through the post office

Facility to submit Life Certificate from Post Office is also available. The Ministry of Electronics and IT has launched Doorstep Banking service in association with Postal India. The service was launched in November 2020. This service is provided by Postman. Even in this way pensions have the facility to submit your life certificate (Life Certificate).

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