Jacqueline Fernandez became the victim of phone fraud, how to protect yourself from getting stuck in it.

Phone number fraud is not a new technology, these methods have been used by fraudsters for many years.

Jacqueline Fernandez became the victim of phone fraud, how to protect yourself from getting stuck in it.

According to a recent update from the Police Commissioner (ED), Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez was recently the victim of cell phone theft. In a retrial alleging financial misconduct against the actor, ED noted that Fernandez was lied to by artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar who believed the call came from an office of Home Secretary Amit Shah.

The bill states that Chandrashekhar became friends with the actor through a fraudulent phone call from Amit Shahs' office. The agency said, “Chandrasekhar tried calling Jacqueline for several weeks in December 2020 and January 2021, but Jacqueline received several calls, so she didn't know who she was. Later, Jacqueline painter Shan Mutatil, was called by government officials, and Jacqueline Fernandes said Chandrasekhar was a special person and wanted to talk to her.

Now, in order to avoid falling victim to these situations, you need to know more about what cell phone spoofing is.

What is a spoofed phone number?

Cell phone theft is not a new technology and has been used by crooks for years to deceive the royal family. It's a kind of telephone manipulation. In the event of identity theft, the victim would have been called by the attacker. Over the years, we have seen these models often used to seduce people who think they are getting a call from their loved one (s).

Typically, law enforcement agencies use cell phone spoofing techniques to track offenders or gather information about important people.

How to identify and prevent phone calls?

  • The easiest way to protect yourself from phone spoofing is to avoid connecting with strangers. It is best not to answer the phone of people you don't know or whose phone number has not been registered.
  • You can use a caller ID app like Truecaller to know the details of the call.
  • Identifying these calls is easy. If at any point the caller asks to be close to a famous person or acquaintance, it is usually cell phone spoofing.
  • If you find a suspicious caller, immediately disconnect and block your phone.

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