It is not easy for Manu Bhaker to forget the failure of Tokyo Olympics-2020, she is trying, said- before time

Manu Bhaker was expected to return after winning a medal in the Tokyo Olympics-2020 but she had completely failed in this task and returned empty-handed.

It is not easy for Manu Bhaker to forget the failure of Tokyo Olympics-2020, she is trying, said- before time

Before the start of Tokyo Olympics-2020, India's star young female shooter Manu Bhaker was considered a strong medal contender but Manu could not perform as expected. She participated in three events but could not win a single medal. The whole country was very disappointed with Manu. Four months have passed since that point and Manu has also participated in the President's Cup to be played in Poland and has also achieved success, but the ghost of Tokyo's failure is not leaving him even today. However, she is slowly getting rid of it. Before leaving for Poland, Manu told the English newspaper The Indian Express about the failure of the Tokyo Olympics, "I am still dealing with it. It is still in process."

Manu had told that there was a lot of pressure on her to win a medal in Tokyo, due to which she could not sleep. He said, “It was the first time that I was feeling so much pressure. I was unable to sleep at night. It was a rollercoaster. Obviously this was not expected. I could not perform as expected. I was quite disappointed. Even during the day I was feeling very anxious and disorganized.”

had a bad start

Manu did not have a good start in the Olympic Games. In the 10 meter air pistol event, his gun was damaged in the middle. Had it not been so, perhaps the medal would have come to Manu's share. By the time his gun was corrected, much of his time had passed. Manu was very disappointed by this and went to her room and started crying. She said, "I can't describe him. I don't express my feelings much. I was very sad. I couldn't sleep that night. What is this question? Obviously I was crying."

help from break

Manu took a break to keep the bad memories of the Olympics away from himself. She had recently gone to Kerala for a holiday. This break helped Manu and she was able to spend time outside the shooting range as well. He said, “The motive was that I have to come out of the shooting zone. I was shooting continuously for five years. I never took a break. Even in lockdown, I was training continuously at home as well. I also had stiffness in the muscles. Vacations were necessary and it went well."

The break also helped Manu. Last month, he won four gold and one bronze medal at the Junior Worlds held in Peru. In the Presidents Cup also Manu won the second gold medal in the 25m rapid fire pistol mixed team event. He also won gold in the 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team event.

'Olympics are Olympic'

But for Manu, this success is not a healer for Tokyo's wounds. He said, “The thing about the Olympics is different. Every tournament's suffering is different. It's not like you win in a new tournament and that should ease the pain of losing another tournament."

However, Manu has not lost courage and is looking forward to the next Olympics. He said, “Nothing gets more than luck ahead of time.”

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