IND vs NZ: After Ejaz Patels Perfect 10, Ashwin appeared on Twitter and was supported by fans

R Ashwin congratulated Ejaz Patels for his outstanding performance in the Mumbai test. He was also seen standing in a coffin in his honor and applauding.

IND vs NZ: After Ejaz Patels Perfect 10, Ashwin appeared on Twitter and was supported by fans

For New Zealand bowler Ajaz Patel, the Mumbai Test is the most memorable match of his cricket match. His team suffered a lot here, but personally this tournament led him to show history and then he became one of the few players left on the right for 10 wickets in one set. After accomplishing this, R Ashwin made a special request to Ejaz on Twitter, which was also well received by fans.

Ejaz Patel led 10 wickets in India's first game in Mumbai Test. He alone covers the whole team. This makes him the third pitcher in cricket history. Earlier, Jim Laker and former Indian director Anil Kumble presented the show. Ejaz bowling makes everyone respect you. In particular, Ashwin was seen standing in the pavilion and applauding during Ajaz's completion.


Ashwin asked Ejaz

After the game, Ashwin made a special request to Ajaz Patel on Twitter. He said after the Ejaz got a perfect score of 10, he tweeted that he asked to verify the Kiwi bowler's account. He told Twitter that Ejaz, who has 10 wickets up his sleeve, definitely deserves an account. Verified means an account with a blue check mark in front of it. Unverified Ejaz account. Ashwin's charm is appreciated by fans who like and share this tweet. In Ashwins' tweet, the user said, "Actually you should verify their account. It is also suitable for the man of the match (MOM). Another user named Mags wrote: How an Indian athlete supports a athlete from another country.

Ajaz received the Team India jersey as a gift

Ejaz has been on Twitter since 2011. But even though he's a great athlete, he only has about 8,300 followers on Twitter. Even before that, Ashwin had tweeted praising Ejaz. After the match Ravichandran Ashwin, known as the Man of the Series, met Ejaz Patel after the match to present the shirt to India. This jersey bears the signatures of all cricketers of Indian tribes.

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