Facebook Messenger Split Payment: How Much Are You Eating? All counting is now in Facebook Messenger

Latest Facebook Messenger Features: Messenger with great features. This allows you to share emergency bills with your friends and eliminate the need for a separate calculator.

Facebook Messenger Split Payment: How Much Are You Eating? All counting is now in Facebook Messenger

Meta announces a new payment system via Facebook Messenger. As the name suggests, it allows you to calculate your budget and share it directly with others through Facebook Messenger. In short, this feature is a simple feature that makes it easy to report costs and expenses.


For example, you can share your dinner bill with friends and you don't need to use a separate calculator. This can be done directly in Messenger. The latter payment method allows Facebook Messenger users to share their equal value or know how much they and each person is contributing.

Facebook announced this latest payment in a blog post. According to a report by 9to5Mac News, the split bill is currently in beta testing and will be available for the first time to US users. The show will air in the United States next week.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Messenger helps users share details of their bills, expenses, and payments. This is especially beneficial for those who share a room and have to share the monthly rent and other expenses with a partner. As. This makes it easier to calculate the cost of an outing with friends, a dinner or a party.


The payment method allows you to add numbers to multiple people who want to split the bill. This latest update displays the amount equal to the others when entering the invoice. Users can redeem the benefits of others in addition to their own for a fee.

Now the question is how to use the payment. To use the payment method, you need to go to the payment option in group chat or messaging and click on the start button. You can also send notifications via this payment method, with friends who have not yet shared your total prize. This requires access to personal messages and content sharing on Facebook. After that, the request will disappear and appear in the group discussion thread.

Once someone pays, you can mark the transaction as complete. This payment determines your inventory and records your balance.

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