Elon Mask: Don't waste your money on Apple Cloth. Consumers love face masks

Cyberwhistle Tesla: Like Apple, Tesla has cloth cleaning tools. Don't waste your money on Apple Cloth, says Elon Musk, CEO of the company that launched the cyber whistle.

Elon Mask: Don't waste your money on Apple Cloth. Consumers love face masks

A special cloth for cleaning Apple phones or laptops was released in October. And as soon as word of mouth spread, sales of polishing cloths at Apple started to skyrocket. From jokes to mimes - Netpara's main talking point for a few days was wearing small clothes. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also used a rag to clean Apple. Again, I'm kidding with the liquid wiped off mask.

Why is Elon Musk criticizing Apples for fabric again? Tesla recently announced a new product called Cyberwhistle. Mask tweeted: "Don't buy Apple Cloth Kavardar. He tweeted: "Don't spend too much money on that dirty Apple cloth. The whistle will change. By the way, the cyber whistle is the only cloth that cleans Apple devices and can clean any device. From Apple to Android and even. Windows, "he tweeted. the

Elon Mask: Don't waste your money on Apple Cloth. Consumers love face masks

Within days of its release, Apple Cloth started selling like hot cakes around the world. Apple products are very popular in India and other countries around the world. In India, this Apple cloth costs Rs 1,900. 

The company claims that this special cloth for cleaning Apple products is made of a soft, non-abrasive, shiny cloth that can clean words from all Apple devices. In addition, the nano-textured glass is very safe and can be washed with this fabric. Tesla Cyber ​​Whistle costs 50 or about Rs 3,650 in India.

According to information posted on Tesla's website, the device was inspired by Tesla Cybertrack. Regarding their new products, the company says, “The Limited Edition Cyberwhistle is a luxury medical grade stainless steel product with a polished finish. These whistles also include a combination of whistles. "

In the past, Elon Musk has had a good laugh on Twitter when he announced that he was wiping a cloth to clean Apple devices. Musk joked at the time that it was a floor wash! The mask also provides an emoticon image. Meanwhile, like Apple Cloth, Tesla Cyberhuisel is also available for purchase. Currently, this cleaning tool is available for purchase from the Tesla website. Depending on the company, it will be in stock within 7-8 days of ordering.

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