Airport officials owed Rs 270 billion for the four planes, Air India representing the largest

In September 2021, Air India paid Rs 2350 crore, Alliance Air Rs 109 crore and SpiceJet Rs 185 crore.Airport officials owed Rs 270 billion for the four planes, Air India representing the largest

Many airlines, including Air India and SpiceJet, have not paid their airport charges. Aviation Minister VK Singh provided this information in a response letter from Rajya Sabha. According to the report, the plane did not pay 270 billion rupees in September. Most of them are Air India.


How much does a plane cost?

In response to Rajya Sabha, the Prime Minister announced that some planes would not pay 235 billion rupees to Air India, 109 billion rupees to Alliance Air and 185 billion rupees to SpiceJet and GoAir until September 2021. Rs. Go First Ho has now paid $ 56 million. The secretary of state said airport authorities are still investigating fees and charges in accordance with the loan law. He also said that if they are not followed, airport authorities are free to take action such as late payment and boarding and to take legal action. Currently, AAI operates 125 airports across the country. The airline must pay for landing and parking fees when airport policy governs flight to the airport.


The government will pay Air India's bills this year

As recently as last week, the government announced it would eliminate all payments from Air India this year, including payments from banks, airports and oil companies. As of Friday, the government requested government approval of Rs 62,057 crore for Air India Asset Holdings Limited, a special purpose vehicle designed to hold the assets and liabilities of Air India. In fact, in order to make Air India more attractive to customers, the government has shifted its debt and some assets to special vehicles to help clear Air India's balance sheets. Air India is valued at Rs 61,562 million as of August 31, 2021.

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