Will the 'Gaganyan' mission start next year? Union State Space Minister made a big statement

The Union Minister of State for Space said the Koro epidemic had delayed the construction and trial of systems, subsystems. This also affected crew training, delaying the mission.

Will the 'Gaganyan' mission start next year? Union State Space Minister made a big statement

Gaganyaan mission: Union Minister of State for Space Dr. Dr. Jitendra Singh said that under the Gaganyan mission, two unmanned aerial vehicles will be launched in January next year. Besides, the third flight with Indian crew will depart in 2023. It is to be mentioned that the first flight of India with Indian crew was scheduled to depart on 15th August next year (2022) to mark 75 years of independence.

Delay in mission due to Corona epidemic

Let me tell you, it was announced by the Prime Minister in the year 2018. However, due to the Corona epidemic, the system, subsystem construction and trial were delayed. At the same time, the training of the crew was also affected, which led to the delay in the mission. Jitendra Singh also expressed the hope that human flight would now be compatible with the country's ocean mission.

"The time has come for us to send a man into the ocean 5000 meters deep, just as we have sent a man into space," he said. The search operation in the deep sea was going on for a while, but now it has gained momentum. The Minister further said that we have already tested one module.

Where did India reach in the ocean mission?

The module, developed under the Ministry of Earth Sciences' ocean mission, sank 600 meters off the coast of Chennai in late October. The unmanned module will be tested at a depth of more than 5000 meters before sending missions with humans. The Minister further said that our unmanned vehicle is now ready to go. About a year and a half after the unmanned mission, the mission including the human will be ready.

India lags behind in space missions!

The minister's statement came at a time when the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is lagging behind in regular trials of Earth observation satellites. India has launched only four missions in the last two years. In comparison, China has launched at least 40 missions this year and set a world record. On the other hand, due to the epidemic, ISRO has postponed all major missions like the first solar mission Aditya L-1, Space Observatory XPoSat and the third lunar mission Chandrayaan-3.

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