WhatsApp Upcoming Features: These 7 Features Will Change Customer Experience, WhatsApp

WhatsApp Latest News: A bunch of new features are going to be added to WhatsApp. Learn more about those upcoming features.

WhatsApp Upcoming Features: These 7 Features Will Change Customer Experience, WhatsApp

WhatsApp is going to add multiple new features. The world's most popular instant messaging platform has plans to roll out these features by sending updates soon to both Android and iOS platforms. WABetaInfo has already confirmed the message about all these features. This website basically publishes news about all the features and updates of WhatsApp.

The list includes a total of eight features of WhatsApp. Those who have already participated in the WhatsApp beta program have tried some of these features. Some features are stuck at the level of speculation again. Take a look at the details about all these WhatsApp features.

1) Community (group chat feature)

The Communities feature is about to hand over the entire responsibility of the group to the group administrators. This feature allows you to open another group within the group. It remains to be seen how multiple groups will be created under the same umbrella and how control will be handed over to admins. However, the confirmed message is that all the chats in the sub-group are going to be end-to-end encrypted.

2) Using WhatsApp without internet connection

WhatsApp has recently come up with a multi-device feature for its beta users. This feature allows users to connect a single WhatsApp account to multiple devices. Maybe with a smartphone or laptop or desktop. A WhatsApp account can be connected to a maximum of four devices.

3) Time limit of disappearing message

WhatsApp launched the disappearing feature last year. With this feature, subscribers disappear after a certain time after sending a message. However, the company has recently fixed the time limit of this feature in the beta update. The time limit for disabling a message is going to be 24 hours and 90 days. For now, the time limit for disabling a message on WhatsApp is 7 days.

4) More control over last scene, profile picture, contact information

Customers will be given more control over multiple issues related to last scene, status, profile picture and user description on WhatsApp with a new feature. This is actually a fourth option. This upcoming feature is going to be added after Every One, My Contacts and Nobody. From now on, users who do not want to share personal information will have to select the contact. For that you have to use the 'My Contacts Expect' option.

5) Message reaction

This time, WhatsApp is going to bring the message reaction feature just like Facebook-Instagram. With this feature, WhatsApp users can react to any message with emoji. This feature was reached on Insta-Facebook a long time ago. WhatsApp fans have been waiting for this feature for a long time.

6) The option to listen before sending a voice message

WhatsApp is going to introduce new user interface with customers. This time WhatsApp users are going to notice multiple changes through that new user interface. One of them is the option to listen to the voice message before sending it. WhatsApp is going to add a stop button, through which customers can listen to any voice message very quickly.

7) New design of contact card

WhatsApp is also going to add a new design to the contact card (the way the WhatsApp contact list appears in the customer's app). Recently, a screenshot of this upcoming feature has also been released, where the 'Info' button has been given next to the contact name. Besides, the profile picture of that contact is also not being given in square format.

8) Users will know if you do not open the emoji

WhatsApp is also working on the message reaction feature. How users will view the emoji will also be understood before sending. Now if for any reason the reaction or shared message does not open, then in that case WhatsApp will advise the user to update the app immediately.

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