WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp on Surprise Shortcut Feature: Get this while chatting

WhatsApp shortcut feature: You can forward stickers without downloading in WhatsApp's chat box through the shortcut feature. This new option is only available to hunt users of WhatsApp Android.

WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp on Surprise Shortcut Feature: Get this while chatting

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app with millions of users worldwide, now has the latest update. WhatsApp is now introducing new features to provide a better experience for its users. Shortcut function option. This will allow you to send stickers without downloading them from the WhatsApps chat box.

 This means that the short option option allows someone to send this sticker directly into the conversation. This new option is currently only available for WhatsApp WhatsApp Android users. Once all users understand it. Special means this new option saves phone memory. Long press on the sticker is optional. Then the forward key will appear. You can then send the sticker to someone else.

WhatsApp recently announced the launch of the sticker for PC and Mac users. WhatsApp has made this feature available to users of both Mac and PC platforms by introducing a new feature that allows web users to create their own stickers. According to reports, the special will be available to desktop users next week. This eliminates the need for WhatsApp users to use third party apps to share stickers.

WhatsApp will soon introduce Facebook-like message formats. The testing phase is complete and the next update will be available for users. Popular apps, such as existing ones on Instagram, Facebook, iMessage, and LinkedIn, have given their users the ability to reply to messages. WhatsApp also plans to add Answers to its platform for the same purpose.

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