PUBG New State: Why the bad rating of PUBG New State game in Play Store after 40 million downloads?

PUBG New State Low Rating: PUBG New State has crossed the 40 million download limit. But its rating in Play Store, App Store is very bad. Why is this happening?

PUBG New State: Why the bad rating of PUBG New State game in Play Store after 40 million downloads?

Krafton's latest title, Pubji New State, has come up with dynamic gameplay. It has already surpassed 40 million downloads, which is a record. But despite this, the game has a low rating of top-tier graphics in the Google Play Store. Why? From security updates to bug fixes, patch issue solutions, almost everything is done ahead of time. That's why the game's rating is so low, the game's developer company Krafton is thinking.

But not just the Google Play Store. The plight of Pubji New State games with ratings is also in the Apple App Store. More than once before, gamers have complained about bugs and glitches. The developer said at the time that all of these issues would be resolved quickly. In the meantime, the players have also raised questions about the visibility of this game. Have all these allegations pushed the game to a bad rating in the Play Store or App Store?

Krafton is also thinking enough about the visibility of the Pubji New State game. The design and color combination of the game is so obscure that players have difficulty recognizing even the nearest enemy. And in order to recognize the enemies, the pubic new state players have to rely on the audio cue with their eyes closed. Besides, they have to rely on the mini map to understand the enemy's position. The players further complained that the New State Concentration is being broken while taking care of so many aspects.

Complaints have also been lodged about game optimization. A large number of gamers are playing Pubji New State with 8 GB RAM smartphone, which is the ideal storage for this game. But the frame rate is not going beyond 60fps in any way. And as a result, those who are accustomed to playing games at 120fps frame rate, their screen is cut a lot. As well as patch updates and server maintenance, players complained of problems with lagging while playing the game.

Many players feel more comfortable playing with the gyroscope again. But the sensitivity of the Pygmy New State gyroscope is not as precise as the players are accustomed to playing. With that, a bunch of complaints have been added about the audio of the game. Many gamers do not hear the sound of the game properly even after connecting the headphones to the mobile. Besides, a bug was also found which cuts the audio when the mic is switched on.

Rating is based on user experience. If the user gives a good rating, then the rating of that game or app is also good. And from here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints comes into play.

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