Are you lying? Joke! The most effective lie-detection technology development; How does it work?

Lie detector: Israeli researchers have developed new false detection technology. It boasts that it is the most efficient of all false detection technology available to date.

Are you lying? Joke! The most effective lie-detection technology development; How does it work?

Many types of technology have been invented so far to detect lies. But there was the question of how effective they were. Now Israeli researchers have invented a new technology that is more accurate than all false detection technology available to date. By this you can easily detect what is lying. Newly developed technology is finding the liars almost exactly with the help of facial muscles. The technology has an accuracy of 73%, which is more than any lie detection method currently available! The research that led to the development of this technology was carried out by a team of researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel. The study divided the liars into two categories. The first is the activation of the cheek muscles when lying, and the second is the activation of the muscles near the eyebrows when lying.

There are certainly liars who cannot detect machines. So far, studies have shown that it is possible to cheat depending on how the machine operates. The question then is how this new technology is different from the rest? Researchers have put forward their argument.

Many studies have shown that it is impossible to detect when someone is lying. Currently there is a false detection technology based on pulse. But they are not reliable. Because those who know how to control their pulse can easily cheat. But we have studied the way the facial muscles behave when lying. "So far, no one knows this and is sensitive enough to hold the facial muscles," said Professor Dino Levy, a study author at the Caller School of Management.

Research is conducted by electrodes that monitor and measure nerve and muscle activity. These use soft stickers and have a wide variety of applications. Stickers are applied to the cheek muscles near the lips and the muscles on the eyebrows. (See image above for example)

Is there any doubt how this works? A person wearing headphones says the word 'line' or 'tree' or the headphone wearer must pronounce the word sent to him. The other person has to guess whether or not the head phone wearer is lying. Two things were observed here. The test revealed that although the human counterpart could not detect their spouse's lies, the electrodes were able to detect the lie with an amazing success rate of 73%.

Researchers say the technology is more accurate and better and has the potential to prevent malicious activities by detecting fraud. Professor Levy said, “Since this is an early study, the lie itself is very simple. However, using advanced machine learning techniques, we are slowly training our program based on data collected from the early stages of testing. ” He expressed confidence that this would be further effective in the coming days.

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