Elon Musk: Don't Buy Elon Musk Star Link Internet Plan: Warning from Government of India

Starlink India: Starlink Internet Services is yet to authorize satellite-based Internet services in India.

Elon Musk: Don't Buy Elon Musk Star Link Internet Plan: Warning from Government of India

It was believed that Ambon owned Jio ended the story of Airtel, which once ruled the country's telecoms world, and now Elon Musk, the world's number one richest businessman, is now the world's undisputed ruler. However, this has been a break. Starlink, a technology entrepreneur, owned by Tesla and SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, said it will soon launch its services in India as well as Starlink, a fast-paced Internet service in a jungle or forest area. However, the Indian Department of Telecommunications has advised Indian citizens not to buy a Starlink Internet plan.

Starlink Internet service in India is yet to be licensed. "Starlink Internet services are not yet allowed to promote satellite based internet services in India," the government said. Starlink must first obtain approval from the Department of Telecommunications. The government says the next action will take place, but do not pre-book the Star Link Internet for any reason.

Starlink Internet already provides services in 14 different countries, including Australia, Canada, Chile, England and the US. StarLink of the SpaceX group has plans to reach a wider range using the mini satellite. Elon Musk, who is already planning a sale of Tesla cars in India, especially our Bengaluru, is now preparing for the launch of Starlink, the fastest internet service in India.

Starlink has begun to expand its service across the globe with Starlink, a US-based company that plans to provide a fast-paced Internet connection through satellite satellites in hamlets, forests or other inaccessible areas where ordinary Internet service telecommunications companies cannot reach.

Star Link already has millions of customers worldwide. However, the fee it charges at present is not very favorable to the Indian market. You have to pay $ 500 to get the service. And $ 99 monthly payments. In Indian Rupee account, the first Rs 36,400 / - after 36,000 has to be paid monthly.

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