Black Friday Sale In India: Check Out The Best Deals And Deals On Phone, Laptop And More

Black Friday Sales in India: We take a look at all the deals Xiaomi, Reliance Digital, Croma and other platforms are having during Black Friday sales in India.

Black Friday Sale In India: Check Out The Best Deals And Deals On Phone, Laptop And More

Reliance Digital, Croma and many other online platforms organize Black Friday sales to offer customers discounts on various electronics. Xiaomi is also launching a Black Friday sale in India, which is currently being published on the official online store. While Reliance Digital and Croma Black Friday sales are valid until November 29th, Xiaomi will hold sales until November 30th.

You can get discounts on laptops, televisions, phones, and smartphones on these platforms. Sony is also offering discounts on the list of digital and physical games that customers will see as part of Black Friday sales on the PlayStation Store. Discounted games are also available on Amazon India as part of Black Friday deals. Dyson will also be hosting Black Friday sales in India for the next four days.

If you've been waiting for this sale to buy some products at a discount, read on to find out more about all the deals coming from Xiaomi, Reliance Digital, Croma, Sony and other platforms during Black Friday sales on Get Informed India are offered.

Dyson deals in India

Dyson also hosts Black Friday sales on its website. The Dyson Purifier Hot Cool costs 47,515 rupees on the official website, which is 66,900 rupees less than the original price. The Dyson Pure Cool TP03 Link Tower with WiFi capability is now listed on the Chroma website for 24,900 rupees. Meanwhile, the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro vacuum cleaner costs Rs. 52,900, and Dyson is offering Rs.

The full Dyson Airwrap hairstyle costs Rs 36,400 which is listed on the Chroma website.

Black Friday Sale: Best discounts on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games offers great discounts on popular titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Hitman 3. Check out the best deals here.

Xiaomi Mi 11X 5G Black Friday sales contract

The Xiaomi Mi 11X 5G smartphone, which is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 870 chipset, is being sold on Flipkart for 24,900 euros. As a reminder, this device was on sale in India for 2999 rupees. This means that the website is offering a discount of Rs 5099. But there doesn't seem to be any commercial offer., on the other hand, offers the device at a new price. However, you will receive an instant discount of up to 2,000 rupees on ICICI Bank credit cards, a discount of up to 21,600 rupees with Mi exchange plus an additional 5,000 rupees. All of this means that buyers can buy the Mi 11X for less than Rs 20,000 through

Black Friday PlayStation discounts

Sony is offering a 33% discount on a PlayStation Plus subscription that you can get for Rs 1999. The company also offers physical versions of select PlayStation 4 games such as Minecraft, Predator Hunting Grounds, Dreams, Astro Bot, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and PlayStation VR Worlds at a 50% discount. The full list of some popular titles can be found on the Sony PlayStation Blog.

Black Friday Sale: OnePlus 9 is getting a replacement offer with a discount of 5,000 rupees

Amazon is offering the OnePlus 9 5G for 49,999 rupees, but you can redeem the coupon. This OnePlus phone is listed on Amazon with a Rs 5,000 coupon that you can request and get a discount upon verification. The e-commerce giant is also offering up to Rs 14,900 off when you replace your old phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 has a huge discount

The Samsung Galaxy S21 received a huge discount of 60,999 rupees in the Chromas online shop. The storage was introduced earlier this year for Rs 81999 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage and is the main option. This means users can get a discount of Rs 21,000.

Chroma Black Friday sale through November 29th

Chroma is holding a Black Friday sale for fans through November 29th. It offers users with an ICICI Bank credit or debit card an unlimited cash rate of 5%. The aim is to sell laptops, home appliances, smart TVs and smartphones, as well as people who want to buy these products.

One of these Lenovo laptops is Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 with the 10th generation Core i5 processor, which costs 75,990 rupees 

compared to 56,990 rupees. According to a banner page, the Apple MacBook Air with the M1 chip starts at 85,900 rupees as part of the sale, and there is also a bank offer of 7,000 rupees for HDFC bank card holders. Samsung Galaxy M11 Black Friday offer

Samsung Galaxy M11 is an affordable phone and was given a discount of Rs 1000 from Chroma. This device can be purchased for 9999 rupees. It was previously available for Rs 10,999.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 has a discount

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 wearable bracelet costs Rs. 2299. It was initially offered in India for 2499 rupees. This smart bracelet is available in black, dark blue, blue, purple and orange. Users can download these items from

Xiaomi Mi robotic vacuum cleaner with P. Mop discount

Introduced in India for 2,999 rupees, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P is currently only available on for 21,999 rupees. There is also an instant discount of up to Rs 2,000 on ICICI Bank and EMI credit cards.

Big discount on vacuum cleaners from iRobot

If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, you can check out the iRobot models at discounted prices. Roomba i7 and i7 sell at a discount of 44900 and 59,900 rupees, respectively. Consumers will receive a discount of Rs 15,000 in this case.

Roomba 698 at a discount of 4000 rupees and it sells at a price of 1990000 rupees. Roomba i3 and i3 are offered at a discount of Rs 29,900 and Rs 44,900, respectively. You can buy them from iRobots, Amazon, Flipkart, and offline stores.


Black Friday is a major public holiday in the United States, and that day is after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has grown into one of the biggest shopping days in the United States, offering many discounts on products. Discounts on electronics, consoles, toys, etc. are also a big part of Black Friday mania.

Although Black Friday is not an official holiday in India as our shopping season is before Diwali, some brands are taking advantage of this trend and offering discounts. You can find discounts on laptops, televisions, headphones and smartphones at Chroma, Xiaomi Online Store, Reliance Digital and other platforms as part of Black Friday offers. Sony also offers discounts on digital and physical game lists.

For games, you can read the offers here. The Epic store also has a Black Friday deal with Indian currency prices. Read more about it here. Please see our blog above for more information.

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